So why are Chimney Sweeps lucky at Weddings?

Tradition has it, or rumour, that 200 years ago, King George II’s life was threatened by a runaway horse and carriage. Whilst all watched the moment with horror a lowly chimney sweep stepped out from the crowd and stopped the carriage before it could do any ill harm to the King.

The King issued a Royal Decree that Chimney Sweeps are bringers of luck and should be treated with the greatest of respect. So started the tradition and because sweeps are lucky, couples would arrange to meet the chimney sweep at their Wedding.

Today, seeing a chimney sweep on your wedding day is still a lucky omen and many couples choose to have them attend their wedding for a handshake for the groom and a lucky kiss for the bride.

With the power vested in him by King George II, our sweep will attend your happy day dressed in traditional sweeps costume, recite a goodwill message, kiss the bride and present the couple with lucky coal pieces to keep and treasure.​

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