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Read through our frequently asked questions to find out more about why its important to have your chimney swept, types of fuel and how proper maintenance can not only prolong the life of your chimney but keep you safe and sound.

Why do chimneys need to be swept?

A chimney is an exhaust system for your heating appliance. If the flow is blocked or restricted this will stop hot gases or poisonous fumes escaping from your house. This could present a danger to your health or property or in the worst case both. Chimney sweeping removes the soot, creosote and tar deposits, making it more efficient and safer.

How often should I have my chimney swept?

At least once a year, chimneys ought to be cleaned after a period of prolonged disuse, over the summer for example, ready for the winter If a chimney is used very often, it might be necessary to sweep it more often. Mac Vac as a professional chimney sweep will be able to advise the optimum cleaning schedule for your chimney.

Does a room with a fire require a vent?

Yes. As mentioned in the previous question, a fire needs to draw oxygen to operate correctly. If there is no vent carbon monoxide may build up in the room. With a solid fuel appliance you will smell smoke in the room and with a gas appliance you will get a build up of carbon monoxide which you will not be able to smell but will eventually kill you. I always recommend fitting a carbon monoxide detector to alert you to any danger.

Can I burn any type of wood on my fire?

No. You should only burn seasoned wood, that is, wood which has been left outside for a year and then stored undercover outside for a further year. Fruit wood e.g. apple, pear etc should be left outside for a further year (3 years in total). This will reduce but not eliminate the build up of tar and creosote in your flue which all wood produces. Hence the more wood you burn the more frequently the chimney will need to be swept.

Are chimney sweeps allowed to disconnect gas fires before sweeping?

Unless a chimney sweep is CORGI/Gas Safe registered he would be breaking the law and putting your life and property in danger if he disconnects the appliance before sweeping.

What are the implications of the new building regulations?

Since the Introduction of the Building Regulations Document J’ 2002, any existing chimney being brought back into use, must conform with the current Building Regulations, call us and ask for advice.

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